Evergreen Group was founded on September 1, 1968, as Evergreen Marine Corporation, opening the first page in the history of Evergreen Group with one 20 year-old cargo ship. Over its 40 years of growth, Evergreen Group’s foundation has been shipping. Its operation plan has developed from shipping to inland freight and has now expanded into air transport, hotels and leisure services. Taiwan’s first privately-run international airline, EVA Airways, received approval on March 8, 1989, and flew officially for the first time on July 1, 1991, opening the door for Taiwan’s private air industry. To extend services that complement the airline, Evergreen Group founded Evergreen International Hotels in hopes of allowing international travelers to enjoy the refined and conscientious service of Evergreen Group. With international and multi-faceted operations, Evergreen Group provides swift and reliable sea, land, and air freight service for domestic and international customers, along with safe, comfortable, and convenient air transport. These services are complemented by friendly, elegant and considerate lodging. Good performance in all of these areas has earned international respect and prestige.

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