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Travel Notes
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Travel Notes

Population (Taipei): 2.3 millions.
Size: 3.6 km2.
Climate Subtropical:
Taiwan is warm all year with an average temperature of 22°C. Average low temperatures range from 12 to 17°C (54- 63oF). Occasional typhoons (subtropical storms) occur from June to August. Winter is short and warm and lasts from December to February.
Currency:New Taiwan Dollars (NT$)
New Taiwan Dollar notes are issued in denominations of 2000, 1000, 500, 200, and 100 with coin values of 50, 20, 10, 5, or 1.
Time Zone: GMT+8

Transport Info:
Taiwan High-Speed Rail http://www.thsrc.com.tw/tw/index.htm
Taipei Train Station http://service.tra.gov.tw/taipei/
Taipei Rapid Transit http://www.trtc.com.tw/c/
Taipei Bus http://www.taipeibus.taipei.gov.tw/
Long-haul Buses: Highway buses are available to and from Taipei City.
Taxi Toll-free number 0800055850
Taxes & Tariffs:
VATs are normally added to the prices of goods for sale; no extra payment is needed. After purchase, stores give unified receipts; these receipts are your purchase certificates. Tipping is not normally practiced in Taiwan; however, most hotels and restaurants add a 10% service charge to your final bill.
Voltage: 110V
Complete IDD services – the Taiwan country code is 886; please dial 002 or 009 before entering it.
Tourist Information:
No. 240 Dunhua N. Road, Taipei City
24-hour- Toll-Free Information Hoteline 0800-011765


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