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Important Norms and Tips

Thailand respects and loves its royal family, and travelers should be careful to show respect to the members of the royalty especially towards the king and queen. When participating in a celebration, attended by a member of the royalty, it’s best to observe how the people around act and follow what they do.

Thailand is a Buddhist country with over 90% of its people are pious Buddhists. Therefore, show extreme respect to Buddhism and its symbols, especially Buddha statues, no matter what and where your religious beliefs lie, politeness and respect are always called for. When you visit a religious site, pay attention to the following: remove your shoes before entering a temple honoring a Buddha statue, also take off your shoes when entering a mosque and get permission in advance, and do not enter when there is a religious gathering inside.

Clothing should be neat and decent. Clothes that are not appropriate are the following: sleeveless shirts, blouses, short skirts, short skirts above the knee or mini skirts, and hot pants. In a mosque, females should wear long dresses or long pants, long sleeved tops should button up to the neck, and scarves should be worn covering the head.

Females should not touch monks. When a woman wants to give something to a monk, she should give it to a male that is at hand and have them pass the item to the monk. Or the monk may pull out a section of his clothing in front of him, and the woman may place the object on top of the clothing.

Do not climb on top of Buddha statues to take pictures or make any disrespectful actions.

Voltage: 220V double prong/double hole outlets.

City traffic: You can choose to take a taxi, or the BTS mass transit is fairly economical and convenient. If you want to try riding on a three-wheeled tuk-tuk, remember that price haggling is the usual practice.


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