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Declaration of Intellectual Property Rights
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1. Intellectual Property Rights
Other than where declared on this website, Evergreen International Hotels (hereinafter referred to as Evergreen Hotels) reserves all rights and interests to this website's contents, including but not limited to text, photos, images, domain name, secondary domain names, trademark, logo, or all other intellectual property rights, moral rights, and any interests related to this website or services provided by this website.
Other than where specially stipulated or permitted in this clause, without clear written consent from Evergreen Hotels, users shall not reproduce this website's contents or otherwise distribute, publish, translate the contents or information on this website.

2. Hyperlinks
The other websites linked to by this website are not controlled by Evergreen Hotels, and Evergreen Hotels has no responsibility for the contents of these linked websites. When users enter other websites through this website, Evergreen Hotels gives no guarantee for the use of the services of those websites. When users enter a non-Evergreen Hotels website, the user understands that that website is independent of Evergreen Hotels.
This website provides link for convenience, and links do not represent the endorsement of other websites by Evergreen Hotels. Users can adopt protective measures to ensure that this use is protected against computer viruses or damage by other means.

3. Exemption Clause
Concerning this websites page content, Evergreen Hotels will maintain the latest and most accurate information and content for your use.
This company will not be held responsible if sudden events or unforeseen reasons cause this website to be unable to operate or to operate slowly, causing your inconvenience.

4. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Any disputes caused by this website will be governed according to the laws of the Republic of China, with Taiwan's Taipei District Court as the court of first jurisdiction.
If you have any opinions concerning our declaration of intellectual property rights, you are welcome to contact us.

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