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Planned and organized by the Civil Aviation Agency based on the concepts of originality, convenience, and modernization, the Evergreen Transit Hotel combines the consistent high-quality, conscientious service and management of Evergreen Hotels to allow guests far from home to enjoy a peaceful and comfortable rest space. The hard-working and friendly service staff have a conscientious concern that comes naturally, providing you with the most pleasant stay in the midst of your tiring journey. In addition, the recreation and fitness center provides exercise equipment so that after you enjoy exhilarating exercise, you can relax luxuriously in the sauna or experience the steam bath, sweeping your fatigue completely away and rebuilding your reserve of energy.


 Tel:886 (0)3 383 4510    Address:4th Floor, Hangar 2,Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
     (inside security)Taoyuan County.
 Fax:886 (0)3 383 4610    Email:elh.t2@evergreen-hotels.com

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