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Famous Visitors
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2010/04/21 Savant Artist George Widener Stays in Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Taipei)
2009/02/02 Japanese-Taiwanese baseball“home-run king ”Sadaharu Oh stayed at the Everygreen Laurel Hotel(Taipei)
2008/11/03 Welocme the Chairman of Flight Safety Foundation
2008/04/09 Welcome the Famous Violinist Siqing Lu
2008/03/07 Welcome the Famous writer Chen Zhi-Fan and his wife
2008/03/06 Welcome Albert Einstein's great-grandson--Paul Einstein
2007/12/26 Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Taipei) welcome Famous Violinist Cho-Liang Lin
2007/11/06 Famous baseball player Kuo Yuan-Chic
2007/09/11 the famous model of China Hu Bing
2007/06/05 Famous pianist Ruei-bin Chen
2007/02/04 Famous animator Igarashi Yumiko
2006/12/12 Famous writer Chen Zhi-Fan and his wife, accepting the Laurel Award.
2006/10/17 Chinese violin master Lu Si-Qing (呂思清)
2005/12/22 2005 A-Ha Hakka Art Festival – Violin master Lin Zhao-Liang and his family.
2005/03/14 Ocarina master Sou Zi Rou.
2005/03/11 Erhu master Jia Peng-Fang (賈彭芳).
2005/02/07 Chinese literature master Yu Qiu-Yu (余秋雨).
2004/05/19 Former President of Fiji, Sitiveni L. Rabuka and company.
2004/05/17 President of El Salvador, Guillermo Flores and company.
2004/04/20 Former president of Sao Tome y Principe - Manuel Pinto da Costa and company.
2003/10/28 Korean Star Cha Tae-Hyun and company.
2002/10/31 Celebrated photographer Christopher Doyle.
2002/09/26 Renowned international musician Mathew Lien.
2002/08/24 NBA stars, including Chauncey Billups and Kevin Garnett.

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