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ETCC 20th woldwide annual conference in Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Paris)

ETCC (The Council of Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in Europe) held their 20th annual conference in the Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Paris) on 10 May 2014. Almost 100 members came from all over the world to participate in this important meeting. Many Taiwanese government VIPs were present, such as Ambassador to France, Michel Ching-long Lu, Minister of overseas community affairs council, Chen, Shyh-kwei, and National Policy Advisor Huang Jonathan...etc.

An high acclaimed speech

Ambassador Lu gave an interesting and enriching speech regarding national competitiveness. At the same time, he shared his experience of improving relations between France and Taiwan.

With cooperation from the Taiwanese embassy, ETCC and the Evergreen Hotel, the conference ended successfully in its charming Paris setting.


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