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Meet Mozart – Music from Heaven – The Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Taipei) invites you to a feast of heavenly music.

Art is in the air. In the elegant Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Taipei), we fill the air with beautiful music. Our dining room becomes a music salon. On weekends, budding Mozarts treat our guests to afternoons of leisure with our “Meet Mozart” Concerts.

The Evergreen Laurel offers a salon stage for these prodigies. They have the chance to observe their audiences up close and show their talents in a semi-open space. The Evergreen Laurel has been a proud sponsor for various music development programs. We welcome schools, music groups and organizations to join this great project.
Have an afternoon of leisure under the chandeliers of the Laurel Lounge, immersed in gentle music.
Feel free to contact our PR personnel (Sales Dept.). Tel: (02) 2518-8399 #2304/2304

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