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Open Day for Future Brides and Grooms

Are you dreaming of a perfect, romantic wedding? Are you thinking about that blessed moment when you step onto the red carpet? Themed wedding banquets are in vogue. A well-planned banquet makes the bride and groom shine, giving them memories that will last a lifetime. With maritime motifs, the Evergreen Laurel Taipei launches its new themed banquets. These packages will make your dreams come true.

Modern, stylish weddings take place at the Evergreen Laurel everyday. As an elite business hotel with 6-star service and elite accommodation, we offer guests prestige; our specially designed banquet halls and the professional planners who run them will host solemn romantic ceremonies.
To introduce our prestigious wedding services, the Evergreen Laurel Hotel will occasionally host Open Days for Wedding Banquets. We invite all future brides and grooms to experience our romantic atmosphere first hand.
Refreshments and small gifts will be offered at these events. For reservations, call (02) 2518-8389 or email tpefnb@evergreen-hotels.com

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