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The heritage of Evergreen Plaza Hotel (Tainan)

Offering an optimal comprehensive service, Evergreen Plaza Hotel (Tainan) has given guests the impression of “a true sense of happiness.” Under the leadership of President Chen Tai-Ren (陳泰仁) since February 2004, the hotel has experienced continuous growth. Since 2004, hotel chefs have won many international awards, including a few gold medals for Chinese and Western cuisine. In March 2004, the Hotel was honored with the Excellent Contribution Award at the 8th Asia-Pacific Orchid Exhibition. In the same year, Evergreen Plaza Hotel (Tainan) was the only 5-star hotel what was certified a unique fire-fighting label issued by the Southern Taiwan Fire-fighting Authority. In 2005, Evergreen Plaza Hotel (Tainan) was certified a 4-plum blossom selected for fine store for its food and beverage department by Tainan City Hotel Association. In the same year, Evergreen Plaza Hotel (Tainan) passed the Excellent Award for optimal English living environment held by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In 2006, Evergreen Plaza Hotel (Tainan) passed the certification of HACCP, the highest of its kind. In addition, to enhance the pleasant working environment, the hotel management has specially encouraged hotel staff to promote stories of loving and care, enjoying the devoted after-service joy. And that has made management of the guidepost hotel even more humanized and near perfect.

由主廚當上旅館總經理的鄭東波,擅長廚藝創新與研發、及酒店經營管理,尤其負責過2001年陳水扁總統於巴拿馬國宴、與2003年宴請甘比亞總統於基隆國宴之規劃與執行,另於2005協助基隆市政府舉辦金馬獎活動影劇星住房、慶功宴之接待服務。曾任西華飯店行政副主廚、長榮桂冠酒店(台中)行政總主廚,因為亮眼的表現調升長榮國際公司任職廚藝總監、長榮桂冠酒店(基隆)營運總監、總經理,目前任職台糖長榮酒店(台南)總經理,擔負起台糖長榮酒店的經營重任。 在長榮酒店國際連鎖的統籌計畫下,為縮短南北之距,並且集結二位總經理之專才,共創台糖長榮酒店在台南地區觀光的推展,在2007年特將二位總經理互調,陳總經理泰仁擔任基隆長榮總經理一職,鄭總經理東波擔任在地府城-台糖長榮酒店總經理一職,茲以開倡業務市場並擴張餐飲服務層面,縮小區域化分,讓南北旅遊及餐飲更縝密的相結合,也為未來休閒業的觀光市場,投注一份開展承先啟後的永續之光。

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