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Received the Ministry of Economic Affairs energy conservation “High Achieving Business Excellence Prize”

Of the six winners of the Ministry of Economic Affairs 2002 energy conservation “High Achieving Business Excellence Prize,” the only hotel was Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Keelung). The awards were announced on November 8 at the “Ministry of Economic Affairs Energy Conservation Awards Meeting” held at the Taipei International Conference Center.

That year’s 40 judges, from the fields of business, government, academia, and research institutions, enthusiastically discussed and selected six “High Achieving Business Excellence Prizes,” twelve “High Achieving Business Quality Prizes,” and eleven schools that promote energy conservation.

The Energy Council stated that campaigns for energy conservation are vitally important for Taiwan, which heavily relies on energy imports. Further transmitting the concept of energy conservation to the public through this kind of awards event will lead the people to establish a sense of energy conservation, and also establish a sustainable foundation for development for future generations.

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