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Travel accommodations, allowing you to relax the best – Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Keelung) has fire prevention under control.

Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Keelung) once again received the fire prevention certification. This is a national certification guided by the Ministry of Interior Architectural Research Center, the Construction and Planning Agency, the Firefighting Bureau and organized by the China Building Center, once again proving the concern for safety and fire prevention by Evergreen Laurel Hotel.

Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Keelung) general manager Chen Tai-Ren (陳泰仁) says that “Spend happily and have a peaceful stay” is the primary goal of the hotel, and protecting the personal safety of guests is the solemn duty of any hotel. That’s why all 1,140 rooms in the hotel and its restaurants have complete firefighting equipment with every inch covered by an alerting and monitoring system, and why all employees regularly attend special firefighting training classes. These strict measures are to provide consumers with the guarantee of safety to ensure that travelers or diners have no worries.

It is to protect all the rights of consumers and to act as evidence for insurance company evaluation of fire prevention and safety. The Ministry of Interior Architectural Research Center uses public safety inspections and firefighting safety inspections to plan a set of international level evaluation standards, and gather together the Transportation Ministry Tourism Department and consultants made up of Central Police University professors to make a judgment together. The goal is to improve the overall fire prevention safety standards in the country’s public places.

This set of international level evaluation standards not only helps the managers of public places to understand the fire safety situations of their own locations. It can also conveniently inspect the fire safety levels of all hotels in the country. These extremely strict assessments will expose the insufficient fire prevention safety in most public places in the country. The good news is that in the initial careful inspection, Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Keelung) was able to stand out from the crowd, becoming the only international hotel receiving the international level certification. This assessment should be a consideration for domestic and international consumers in terms of travel and business accommodation.

Since Keelung Evergreen Laurel Hotel received the fire prevention certification in 2001, it again passed 16 items of strict inspections in 2005, including fire prevention area planning and urgent escape fire prevention facilities and tests of safety equipment, receiving consecutive fire prevention certifications.
The key factors in the good results of consecutive certifications are the concentration of the full staff on business sense and the service mission, plus the strong emphasis and effective leadership by high level managers. Through the promotion of the idea of fire prevention certification, the service quality ideals of “clean, safe, efficient, and environmentally-friendly” held by Evergreen Laurel Hotel will be permanently instilled in the minds of all employees.

In addition, this hotel also received the hotel industry certification and dining HACCP certification from the Friends of Quality Protection established by the Quality Protection Association. All future consumers, when choosing to dine or stay, can put Evergreen Laurel Hotel on their list of worry-free, safe choices.

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