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Perfect completion of Golden Horse Awards, Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Keelung) retires after a good performance

This year’s Golden Horse Award Ceremony was held in the seaside city of Keelung. As Keelung’s only five-star hotel, Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Keelung) provided services like news conferences, receptions, parties, and guest accommodations. To perform our duties as a hotel with good service, manager Zheng Dong-Po (鄭東波) and the entire staff mobilized their best efforts to work side-by-side with the Keelung city government with all the international guests, directors, and stars assembling at the hotel on November 11 and 12. The hotel fully met the expectations of high quality service for the Golden Horse pageantry, while also sharing the glory and joy brought by the culture of cinematic arts.


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