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Laurel’s classic, the atmosphere of the sea. Laurel cheesecake

The great taste more valuable than gold.
After ancient people discovered precious milk, the production of cheese became as easy as going along with the current. The milk of any mammal can be the ingredient for making cheese, and the quality of the milk affects the quality of the cheese to be made. So that means that cheese is not a new kind of food, but a food with an ancient history. Its consumption began in the time of the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians, and even the ancient Greeks used cheesecakes as wedding cakes. When Europeans taste cheese, they often eat it by itself, or eat it as a snack, or as a meal, or a dessert. This is how they fully appreciate the flavors of every different kind of cheese.

Intoxicating smell of cheese sends you straight to heaven
The most famous French cheese expert, Claud Lauxerrois, once said that as far as he was concerned, cheese was just like love in that it makes one swoon, it makes one intoxicated, and is full of the charm of endlessly exploring distant lands.

The birth of golden milk
Generally speaking, 11 pounds of milk can make one pound of cheese. Rich cheese holds high quality calcium and protein. Differences of region, climate, soil, grass, altitude, production process, formula, and maturity process can decide the taste, odor, and quality of the cheese. It also depends on favorable control of temperature and humidity during the fermentation process.

Laurel’s classic, the atmosphere of the sea
The classic cheesecake made by Keelung Evergreen Laurel uses as its base curd cheese with sour cream added to increase the cheese’s acidity. The cheese itself is naturally fermented and has a slightly sour taste. Because the curd cheese has rich milky odor, adding the sour cream and natural fresh lemon peel gives it a smooth texture that will make the person eating it never want to put down the fork. Cheese, which gives us such a happy feeling, is usually the required food for a gathering of friends or a family dinner.

Pastry sous chef Fu Guo-Zhen (傅國禎) says that cheesecake is a popularized European pastry, and to make a cheesecake extraordinary, one must first focus on the attitude while making the cheesecake and the mastery of its acidity and baking status. Chef Fu uses purely hand stirred fresh ingredients. A perfectionist, his facial expressions while making cheesecake are like that of an artist creating a masterpiece. The chef’s insistence and the excellent quality of handmade work give the classic cheese a rich and sensual texture. The cheesecakes made by Keelung Evergreen Laurel are 100% handmade using the baked method with a lower ratio of moisture and egg. The amount of cheese is over 85%, different from ordinary cheesecakes. In addition to a rich, firm texture, it combines natural fresh lemon peel and has a slightly sour cheese odor. When it comes out of the oven, it’s like an orchard bending to the salty wind of the sea, mixing Keelung’s sea atmosphere into every cheesecake. It lets all travelers to Keelung put the fresh taste of cheesecake in their mouths and put a friendly smile in their hearts.


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