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Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Keelung) participates in Total TV’s little reporter competition judging

Keelung’s local cable television provider, Total TV, founded the first little reporter competition in 2005. 20-30 candidates are selected from each elementary school in Keelung for the contest. During the event they must go through the three phases of little reporter campus selection, little reporter advanced training, and conversation between little reporter and mentor.

The keys to selection are: morals –clear articulation; intelligence – strong logic; physique – fast reactions; social sense – many relationships; and beauty – sense of beauty. With tongue twisters, telling stories from illustrations, making ten turns while giving a self-introduction, the number of people they know, and a personal talents challenge, they show the spontaneous reactions and cleverness of a little reporter.

During the event, this hotel’s PR Department manager Chen Mei-Li (陳美麗) acted as a judge and dressed up as Snow White, getting on the stage with the other judges to add a little color and fun for the whole competition amid the sounds of laughter.

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