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Lane divergence implemented in Daye Tunnel, making it even faster to get from Taipei to Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Keelung)!

You no longer have to wait, wait, and wait to get to Keelung! The Keelung city government canceled the temporary traffic light lane control measures in Daye Tunnel in the direction of Keelung, changing it to being divided by a safety island, which means cars going to Keelung city center no longer have to wait at traffic lights. They can directly drive into Keelung city center and get to wherever they want to go, and it only takes 3 minutes to get to Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Keelung) from there.

Currently, several private parking garages in the city center allow visitors from the Greater Taipei Area and elsewhere to have safe and convenient parking spaces. Look at the map considerately created by Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Keelung), and hurry to Keelung for fun!

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