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Special feature restaurant Internet voting

To promote Keelung’s fine dining and unique foods, the Keelung city government held the 3-week “Keelung Special Feature Restaurant GO Pride” voting recommendation event, in which over 50,000 people visited the webpage. On the afternoon of the 3rd, the voting results announcement was held in this hotel’s 3rd floor Evergreen Hall. The city government also printed up “2006 Keelung Special Feature Restaurant Sunflower Sutra Handbooks.” Diners can follow the illustrations, making Keelung into a gourmet city for tourists.

The “Keelung Special Feature Restaurant GO Pride” event, held by the city Economic Affairs Bureau, had over 50,000 visitors to the webpage, and 5,000 votes were received by email, fax, or letter from consumers from many different areas. The Keelung Evergreen Laurel Hotel Evergarden Chinese restaurant was loved by the critics and earned the highest critic’s award.

Deputy Mayor Ke Shui-Yuan (柯水源) said that in the past, everyone knew about Keelung’s Temple Gate street cuisine, but that through this special feature restaurant voting, he discovered that many fine dining establishments have been operating for years, working hard to get the attention of the customers’ palates. Through this voting, they can be shared with everyone, while creating good business opportunities for Keelung.

The Keelung city government also hopes that through this event, Keelung’s dining culture will be promoted throughout the country, allowing more people to taste some of Keelung’s special feature cuisine when they come for the sea and mountain scenery, making Keelung prosper.

Economic Affairs Bureau Chief Zhang Fu-Long (張福隆) hopes to achieve the goal of “Marketing Keelung, creating a crowd of tourists, and making Keelung prosper.” He also hopes that by holding all kinds of events, it will not only give diners a chance to taste Keelung’s great cuisine, it will also make Keelung into a gourmet tourist destination.

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