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Secrets of Evergreen’s Exclusive Cuisine (1) Broth

Chinese cuisine, an internationally famous dining culture as reported in newspapers and magazines, has gradually expanded its international recognition. Furthermore, in the background of Chinese cuisine stands its honorable support, the broth, which plays a key role in the creation of all kinds of dishes.

Evergreen Laurel Hotel’s Chinese cuisine not only has to pass the inspection of the head chef, even the process of making broth is meticulously stressed. The head chef’s four main essential ingredients are cured jinhua ham, 3kg hen with fully developed muscles, pork shank meat, and fresh chicken feet. The former three ingredients go through a complex skinning, de-fattening, and slicing procedure in order to make the broth sweet and clear and to better eliminate fat and gamey odor, achieving the goals of delicacy and healthiness.

As for the cooking utensils used, the head chef is particular about using a ceramic pot on a charcoal fire to give the broth a good fragrance. As for the cooking time, the head chef cooks with a large flame for one hour, then uses a medium flame for two hours, and finally uses a low flame (naked flame) for five hours. The flame control requires experience, and the head chef will check the cooking status of the broth every 15 minutes, which demonstrates the importance that the head chef places on the soup broth.

In addition to demanding excellence in the flavor of the food, Evergreen Laurel Hotel focuses even more on the principle of healthiness. All ingredients are cleaned and blanched and then cleaned again before they are put into the cooking pot. These handling procedures seem complicated but they have a purpose – cleaning and blanching not only removes the gamey flavor, it also cleans away particulates, giving the soup a sweet flavor. Finally waiting until the broth has cooked to a clear golden color, you can taste the chicken feet’s rich, gelatinous texture, creating the final touch for Evergreen’s exclusive pure broth.

Evergarden Chinese restaurant head chef Huang Zhong (黃鍾) says, “Broth is the soul of quality cuisine. Without delicious broth to bring out the flavors of the ingredients, even if the best ingredients are used, it’s all in vain. Only by being extremely conscientious in the process of creating a dish can you bring about the complete appearance, fragrance, and taste of exquisite Chinese cuisine.”

So next time you try quality cuisine, don’t forget to experience the head chef’s dedication in the making of the pure broth!

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